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The Haunting of Hill House 1×03 Download subtitles Free Online

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That you, Nellie?

You had another nightmare?


You can sleep with me for tonight.

You’re really freaked out, huh?

Ease up a little.


You’re squeezing too tight.



Whose hand was I holding?

It was a Monday and I couldn’t sleep.

I went downstairs to the kitchen
to get a snack.

And that’s the first night I saw him.

Mr. Smiley.

Coming out from where he lives.

And what did you do?

I stayed as quiet as I could,
thinking maybe he’d just stay down there.

But then I heard a creak.

The stairs, the third step from the top,
it makes a sound.

That’s how I knew he was coming.

That’s how I always know.


Then my door knob,
then he’s in my room.

What does Mr. Smiley look like?

Just a big smile.

Too big.

He’s always smiling, but he isn’t happy.

That’s really scary.

You said something about
where he lives?

Where does Mr. Smiley live, Kelsey?

Under the house.

In the basement?

You know…

you’re a lot like me, Kelsey.

– Yeah?
– Oh, yeah.

See, when I was little,
I was afraid of a lot of things.

I didn’t have to be, though.

They were all in my head.
I just didn’t know that yet.

But when I was scared,

I would imagine myself building…

a big wall all around me

made of the strongest bricks
in the whole world.

And when I got scared…

I would imagine myself putting
another one on, one after the other

until that wall was so thick

and so strong…

I knew I’d be safe in there forever.

And that’s what you do too, right?

It’s okay.

It’s good.

‘Cause kids like us

have been through more
than other kids.

We’re tougher than other kids.

We’re great builders.

We make ourselves really safe.

And no one ever gets in.

Mr. Smiley does.

Our other two foster kids are thriving.
We just want the same for her.

She was telling me about Mr. Smiley.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard about him too.

We’re more concerned about
her behavioral problems at school.

You can see her grades started out fine.
At least, considering.

But then…

Well, you’ll see.

All our kids have always had to go through
an adjustment,

– but this…
– Could be normal.

The foster care system
isn’t the easiest place to grow up.

And the Mr. Smiley thing,
did that start right away, or…

A few weeks after she moved in.

And her behavioral issues started
around the same time.

We’ll get to the bottom of it.

Same time next week?


– Thank you.
– Thank you.



Nellie crawls into our bed sometimes.

She says it wasn’t her.

I guess it was just a weird dream.

Most of the stuff is going to be junk,
but anything fancy, we can sell it.


Hang on.

This is…



’49 Clos de Bia.


This is quite…

– How did you know that?
– Mm-mm.

You, you really don’t feel that?
– I’m sorry, I don’t.

We must look like
we’re crazy, huh?

Hi, Mrs. Dudley.


Well, you tell me if I am.

Do you feel cold right there?

– Yep.
– I told you.

My apologies.

No, it’s a very small spot,
just right here,

like you’re standing in front
of an open refrigerator.

But if you move…


What about there?

Yep. Here too.

You sure?

I don’t feel it here.

This whole house is cold.

That doesn’t exactly clear
things up, does it, Clara?

– No, ma’am.
– Come upstairs.

There’s another spot in the second master.

You’re out of mustard
and you’re almost out of turkey.

You know there are people you can
actually pay to make you lunch.

Some of them even deliver it
right to your office.

Save you driving over here every day.

I like the drive.
It gives me time to think.

And the food’s better at home.

If it’s shopping you don’t like,

you could always find
someone to go with you.

Someone like that girl from last night.

And give up all this?

How’s work?

It was a tough one today.

This little girl.

I couldn’t get anything from her.

You always figure out how to help.

You’re so good with them.

This one, she’s tough.

She’s like a brick wall.

I know the type.

Do you see anything?

Nope. Just dark.

Maybe you send messages through it.

What’d you find?

Don’t know.

Here. Let me see.

– Hmm.
– What?

It’s like a…


but for inside the house.

Here, Nellie, you stay there.

Come on.

That’s the other end.

Ugh, what is that smell?

What smell?

You can’t smell that?

It smells the same in here
as the rest of the house.

This was a sickbed.

How do you know?


Hello, can you hear me?
This is Eleanor Crain calling.

I can hear you, Nellie.

You guys have fun.

You have to say your name
so I know it’s really you.

Ugh, Luke Crain!

If you’re really Luke,
what’s your favorite kind of pudding?

Um, rice?

No, it’s chocolate
vanilla chocolate.

No, it’s rice now.

You need to tell me
things like this, Luke.

– I am telling you.
– Hello!


I’m Theodora, but I like my friends
to call me Theo.

Will you call me Theo?

Hi, Theo.


It wasn’t exactly easy to hear but,


hit on some things
that have been nagging at me.

And, well, you were right.

I was trying to take ownership
of something

that doesn’t belong just to me.

So you’re pulling the book?

I’m offering to share the book.

I’ll give each of you eight percent
of any royalties,

and if it sells as well
as my publisher thinks it will…

Jesus, Steve.

– I’m trying to do the right thing.
– The right thing?

What, is the guilt getting
in the way of your new lifestyle?

You and Leigh feeling awkward
while you pack up for California?

Whatever. This could be
a significant amount of…


It’s all about the money for you.
We’re well aware.

Of course it’s about the money.

– I mean, you guys have read it, right?
– I haven’t.

Why bother?

I’ve heard the various versions
my whole life.

I’ve heard Dad’s tabloid horror show,

I’ve heard Luke and Nellie’s
ghost stories.

– No offense, Nellie.
– Okay.

I’ve heard you and Steven
do your best James Randi impression

where you say
how crazy everybody was.

Just, maybe it’s a middle child thing,
but I just

would rather focus on living
my actual life…

right now.

Maybe I’ll just wait for the paperback.

We’re not taking your money.

None of us.

It’s blood money, Steve.

You’re welcome to every red cent.

– Right?
– Yup.

– Blood money.
– Right.


You’re not funny, Luke.

Hey, can I get a water?
Close it out?

– What do you think you’re doing?
– I was just giving my truck a ride.

What’s up?

Your little brother was getting
into trouble.

Want to let go of his arm?

He’s playing, Mrs. Dudley.
Why are you yelling at him?

Because the dumbwaiter is not a toy,
it can be dangerous.

That’s all you need to say, then.

Fair enough.

Come along.
I need to clean the kitchen.

You don’t have to be so mean about it.

She’s not mean.

She’s scared.

What makes you say that?


I thought it might be her.

Mrs. Dudley?

She never stays after dark.

What are you doing?

Trying to take a ride in this elevator.


Come on, you stupid thing.

The door has to be closed.

But then I can’t reach the buttons.

You’re a crazy kid, you know that?

Just one ride? I know it works.

Please, Theo?

– I’m gonna get in trouble.
– I won’t tell.

Please, come on.

It’s a perfect kid’s-size elevator.

Fine, but you’ll hop straight out

and you don’t tell anyone
I did this for you, okay?


You ready?

Going up.

Hey! Up! Theo!



– Theo!
– Luke!



There’s a room down here.

There’s a ladder down here on the wall.

You can come get me.

Just hang on.

Bring me up, please.

There’s something down here.

Just hang on. I’m trying.

Come on.




What the hell!


– Help!
– Luke?

Is he in the…?

Hang on.

– Let’s get him up.
– Hang on.

Hang on.

It’s okay, baby,
we’re right here.

There we go.


Okay, it’s okay.

– Let’s see. Here we go.
– It’s okay.

What happened?

Did you rip your shirt?
Must have got caught on the door.

Something grabbed me! Monster!
It was a monster!

– What the hell were you thinking?
– It’s okay.

Is he okay?

Go to your room.

Come here.

Let me see, honey.
Let’s see what happened.

Okay, there’s no scrapes.


You’re okay. Yeah, so scary, huh?

You all right?


You really got in my head, girl.

I’m sorry.




I’m just saying a modest dowry,
nothing ostentatious.

Not enough I support you
for, what, six years?

You also wish you got a cow?

Or a llama. Something.

– Hey.
– Hi.

Did you find them?
The toasts are supposed…

I know, I’m still looking.

– They were supposed to be 10 minutes ago.
– I know, I need Stacy.

I’ll check the bar.

Okay. Thanks.

– Hi.
– Honey.

– Hey. Did you find her?
– No, she’s not out front.

– Yeah, I’m still missing two groomsmen.
– Oh my God.

– I’m gonna check the kitchen.
– Okay.

– All right?
– Okay.


– Okay
– Okay.


I looked at the bar.


Great. It’s toast time
and my maid of honor is MIA.

You don’t have to help me.
I’ll find her.

Beats the cold shoulder
from Shirley.

That table’s getting tense.

Stacey? Stacey?




Yeah, just a sec.

That’s the thing about weddings.


– Sorry.
– It’s okay.

Toasts were supposed to be
ten minutes ago.

– I’m sorry. I’m ready.
– It’s okay, come on.

– Might want to check your makeup.
– No, it’s fine. You’ll be fine.

You coming?

I want to see who’s in there.

It’s gotta be Henry.

My money’s on Matt.

– He collects bridesmaids.
– No.

You want to put some money on it?



– Nothing.
– I mean…

I mean…

I mean, we didn’t…

We didn’t know you were into…


I love you.

– Can you get my dress?
– Yes

I’m sorry to bring this up
again, but…

why the hell would she go to that house?

My kids are going to ask me how she died.

And you’ll tell them.

Tell them what?

She killed herself?

– Aunt Nellie killed herself?
– Yes, that’s better than lying.

Or saying nothing, like Dad did.

What do I say?

You answer the question that’s asked.

Don’t elaborate, don’t offer information
that’s not requested.

Just tell them that…

that their feelings are correct
and they’re safe.

And it’s okay to be curious.

And sad.

Tell them you’re sad, too.

And if they ask why?

Tell them you don’t know.

No one knows.

That’s okay.

Better they ask you than me.


Because I’m fucking angry.

Because I don’t want to have to tell them
that I’m fucking pissed at Auntie Nell

who should have known better,
better than most…

what this does to a family.

She fucking knew better.

And she did it anyway.

I gotta go.

Sorry, I just… I can’t, Shirl.


Can I come in?

I like your drawing.


I’m sorry, okay?

It’s okay.

Mom and Dad are still mad at me.

They don’t believe me.

– About what?
– Anything.

I’m sorry.

First they said Abigail is not real.

Now they said the basement’s not real.

It’s not in the blueprints.

They said it’s probably
just a crawl space.

And whatever was down there,
they definitely don’t believe me.

Nobody ever believes me.

I believe you.

Maybe we can prove it to them.

You said something about a ladder
when you were down there.

So pretend you’re the dumbwaiter.

Where was it?

Okay, so…

Was it this far away?

A little more.

Was it…

this far away?


One, two, three,

four, five, six, seven,

eight, nine, ten…


You were so scared.

Oh. Hi.

I’m so sorry to just drop in
on you like this.

– If I’m interrupting, I can…
– No, it’s fine.

Please, come in.

I was just in the neighborhood
and I needed something to…

Is Kelsey here?

No, she’s at school right now.

All the kids are at school.

Of course.

I didn’t realize you made house calls.

I don’t, normally.

I was just out and about
and thinking about your case.

This is going to sound
really strange, but…

would you mind if I took a quick look
down in your basement?

Uh, give us a shout if you need anything.

– I’m about to go back to work.
– Okay.

Thank you.



Please! No.

– You all done?
– Yeah.

I really appreciate you indulging me
like this. I…

was hoping I could get into Kelsey’s
headspace just a bit,

you know, try to understand her better.
But, well…

It’s just a normal basement.

That’s what we keep telling her.

I’ll dive back in with her this week.

Thank you.


What are you…

um… looking at?

Your smile.

That’s right.

And Social Services, too.

You just have to trust me on this.

I haven’t been wrong before, have I?

Yes, I’m sure.

And I’m sure the guy will confess
if you just…

Just get them here.

No, I’m going to wait for the cops.


Thanks, Gina. Bye.

You found this.

It was in this little room,
off to the side.

There were a bunch of books like it.

It’s a book of secrets
that they were trying to hide.

How do you figure that?

I don’t know.

I could tell when I picked it up.

Like you could tell there’s a false floor
in the pantry?

It’s a ledger.

For a bootlegging operation.

You know what that is?

A long time ago,
it was illegal to sell alcohol,

so they made it in secret and hid it.

You know, there’s not a single record
of this basement.

It’s not on any of the blueprints.

They didn’t want anyone to find it.

But you did.

I really, really don’t like that you
went down there by yourself.

I just wanted to show you
that Luke was right.

But I love that you’re so brave.



what’s wrong?

Would you look at that.

They must’ve dug it right out of the wall.

How the hell did she find this?

No idea.

It’s amazing.

I can’t expect it’s up to code.

I’ll call Peter to bring
some guys tomorrow.

Come here, my love.

You know, your dad was telling me a story,

about the wine…

you found
when you were cleaning up the cupboard.

How’d you know?

I just guessed.

Like you guessed about the ledger?

You know those headaches I get sometimes?

They started when I was a little girl.

And when I get them… uh,

I see all sorts of…


Your grandmother was like that, too.

She was…


I’ve wondered if you and your sisters
might be a little sensitive.

Shirley says some things sometimes
when she’s sleeping that are…

Well, they’re interesting.

And I asked Nellie what she thought about
the house when we moved in.

She said it was loud.

Such an odd word she chose.

I noticed you always wear sweaters inside,
even though it’s summer.

Why is that?

‘Cause it’s always cold.

Grandma Mary was like that, too.

She hated the air on her skin.
She was always bundled up.

Sensitive people…

they sometimes need…


These will help with the cold.

And the other thing.

Does Dad know?

That you’re sensitive?

Kind of.

We’ll talk a lot more about it
as you get older.

But in the meantime…

if you’re feeling overwhelmed
and you think nobody will understand,

you can talk to me.

About anything.




You’re not scared Shirley’s
going to kill you for this?

I’m pretty good at secrets.

I know.

You sure you don’t want to stay
for dinner?

No, but thank you.

Have a good trip.

Hit the beach for me.

No hug?

You got a couple things wrong in there,
by the way.

So you finally read it.

You said it was Luke that I found
the old bootlegging basement.

That was me.


Sorry about that.

Anything else?

You know, I was pretty impressed
by what you wrote about that night.

What night?

That night.

The last one.


That’s some wild stuff in there.

That was really wild stuff considering
that you were asleep for, what, like…

ninety-nine percent of it?

So what are you going to do
with the money?

Car? Purses? Travel?


I’m gonna get my fucking PhD.

Jesus wept.




I thought I heard somebody down here.

Sorry to wake you.

You okay?

Yeah, I’m fine.

You sure? You look, uh…

Shirley found your checkbook.


Individual account.


You’re not going to tell her,
are you?

I mean, it’s just as bad for you
as it is for me.

Of course not.

You might want to come up
with an excuse, though.

Make up a mistress, something.

Secret family.

You know, something that’s gonna
piss her off less than the truth.

Whoa. Hang on.

Are you okay?

Yeah, just…

we barely said two words
to each other.

Can we take a second and talk?

Hey, believe me,
I’m thrilled you called me.

I just feel kind of weird about
how I left the other night,

and then last night at the club
you completely ignored me.



I’m sorry about that.

Is that what you want to talk about?

Well, not exclusively.

I mean, I don’t know,
what do people usually talk about?

How are you? How was your day?
Stuff like that.

Well, let’s see, my day.

I found out that a nine-year-old…

that I was treating…

was getting molested
by her foster dad.

And she buried it so deep
she had to make up a monster

just to compartmentalize and cope.

And she did such a good job
that she planted him right in my head.

Guy folded like a cheap suit the moment
he was questioned by the cops, so…


But that just means the girl
goes back in the system,

so it’s a gamble at best.

So, you know…

good job, me.

And this kid…

she built up so many emotional walls.

I touched her hands
and I didn’t even…

She just needed help
and no one was listening.

And it’s so much like Nellie.


should we talk about your day
or would you rather come to bed?


I need you to get Luke
and Nell to the car.

You get in, lock the doors, don’t unlock
until you see me come outside.

– Do you understand?
– What’s happening?

Get them to the car.
I need to get Steve and Shirl.

What’s happening?


Come on.

Come on.



Let go!

Let go of me! Let go!

Don’t touch me!

Don’t touch me!

Don’t touch me!

Touch me.

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